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"LDS Styles, Volume 4" is a compilation album that highlights the different styles of today's LDS music, from contemporary to inspirational, instrumental, and a cappella. This two-disc set contains over 40 songs from a variety of LDS artists, including Margo, Eclipse, Stephanie Smith, Fiddlesticks, InsideOut, Sam Payne, April Meservy, and many others.

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Track List

1. Spaceman - Sam Payne

2. Decide - April Meservy

3. Higher Power - Jeff Goldman

4. Somebody - Rich Bischoff

5. Better Off Alone - Stephanie Smith

6. Live It On Up - Eclipse

7. Popcorn - David Edwards

8. Taken Up - InsideOut A Cappella

9. Angel Wings - Dana Bishop Sanders

10. Blue Mood - Joseph Fifield

11. Traces of Memories - W. Alex Mackey, III

12. Pretty Peg - Ivan Wolfe & Friends

13. I Come To Thee - Jennie Bangerter

14. Agnus Dei - 259

15. Adam Ondi-Ahman - Fiddlesticks

16. Comfort Me - Ashley Harris

17. His Love Will Never Die - Taylor Anderson

18. Savior - Laura Jones & Roger Hoffman

**Special MP3 Disc featuring: Margo Edgeworth, Border Crossing, Chris Hartwell, Craig Clifford, Fast Sundae, G.E.M., Gary McCallister, JaNae Kotter, Janet Clayton Sloan, LaDena, Laural Bills, Lindy Kerby, MANNA, Mark Bischoff, Mark Hansen, Marv Taufer, Mary Lyman, Matt Armstrong, Matt Whitney, Michael DeShazer, T47, Thom Beauchamp, and Tom Hickey.

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